Welcome to Bollig & Kemper

Bollig & Kemper is the leading family corporation in the field of automotive series and plastic paints in Europe. Pigment pastes and resins are a good extension to our two main fields of business. The complete product palette for the automobile industry and their suppliers, and the intensive research and development activities supported by our own resin development and production, distinguish Bollig & Kemper from all comparable competitors. Our customers, and the solutions to their problems, are at the centre of our trade. Our challenge for the coming years is to accompany these customers in their international business. We made an important step with the foundation of a joint venture with Nippon Paint in Shanghai/China in July 2008. In addition, Bollig & Kemper feels just as committed to the interests of their employees, their suppliers, their financial supporters and the public as they do to their shareholders. The responsibility towards the public is particularly perceived by the precept to cause as little strain on the environment as possible in the conception and production of our products. The balance between the aforementioned interests is a guarantee for profitable growth in the coming years.